Work Safe. Save Money.

Workers' Comp Insurance Reimagined

Tech that predicts individual worker risk and provides insurance that rewards overall improved safety with lower rates.

Who We Are

futureWork Insurance Solutions integrates the altumAI technology with Tangram's insurance program expertise to offer work comp insurance and safety that reduces losses, enhances safety culture, and provides lower insurance rates.

Who We Serve

Initial industry focus is Agriculture

Our Broker partners work closely with us for exclusive access to our competitive insurance and safety solution.

Let's reimagine workers' comp together

Improves Insured Experience

Enhances Safety Culture

Reduces Losses & Insurance Costs

Our solution includes

Individualized Risk Prediction via our Sam Score

Based on data about the worker, such as biomechanics, environment, and worker-specific information.

Incident Reporting

To improve the reporting and management of injuries, near misses, and unsafe work conditions.


Multiple digital training materials and videos tailored and delivered to each worker based on their specific risk factors.

Competitive Work Comp Insurance

Reduce client’s workers’ compensation costs with the insights and data captured through altumAI’s health and safety technology platform.

About altumAI

altumAI’s platform and mobile apps use data and AI to transform how organizations manage safety and prevent injuries.  Leveraging multiple data sources and a sophisticated platform that delivers the right information to the right worker at the right time via Sam, the safety bot, altumAI helps organizations reduce the cost and frequency of injuries, ensure compliance, and boost productivity, all while engaging and enabling the workforce

About Tangram

Tangram Insurance Services, Inc. is a managing general underwriter and national program manager bringing in-depth expertise and specialized program capabilities to a variety of industries. With 20 years of experience in the program space, Tangram partners with top insurance companies to deliver niche insurance solutions. 

For more information contact

Lars Skari, altumAI
p: 310-880-5773

Tracy Bernard, Tangram
p: 707-766-0381