Connected Risk Platform

The understanding and avoidance of risk is leading to monumental change in loss control, claims handling, underwriting, company safety culture and processes. Using technology and data through the Internet of Things (IoT) and advanced analytics, altumAI is identifying and avoiding risk through the proactive recognition of patterns and behaviors. 

altumAI’s Connected Risk Platform solution brings together data from multiple data sources, including IoT devices and sensors within an enterprise, together with expert risk and insurance knowledge. Advanced analytical assets and unique applications are designed to analyze risk and create unique and useable insights to identify and avoid risk

What’s Behind the Data

  • Provides a daily worker- specific Risk Score based on data sources that predict worker risk.
  • Risk Score relies on futureWork’s proprietary machine learning algorithms applied to industry and role specific templates.
  • futureWork is an open platform that leverages wearables and API based data sources.
data attributes