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Invest in your employees safety with altumAI

We are focused on making workplace safety a top priority by using the power of data, AI, and existing mobile technology. 

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About altumAI

altumAI’s platform and mobile apps use data and AI to transform how organizations manage safety and prevent injuries.  Leveraging multiple data sources and a sophisticated platform that delivers the right information to the right worker at the right time via Sam, the safety bot, altumAI helps organizations reduce the cost and frequency of injuries, ensure compliance, and boost productivity, all while engaging and enabling the workforce. 

We are transforming how we understand data at an individual worker level.

Meet Sam, the safety bot

A personalized digital safety coach that promotes smarter and stronger safety cultures to keep employees informed of their own workplace risk and engaged in health and safety.

From twists and bends to environment and time on the job, Sam captures a unique data story for every employee via a mobile app and creates an individual Sam Score to identify an avoid risk.

Sam loves data.

The result is a safer, healthier, and connected workforce.

Supports both employees and safety managers safety needs.

Health and Safety

Reduce injury frequency and severity at the worker level and improve incident response and handling. Measure for accountability and results.

Workplace Safety Culture

Improve safety culture using data and AI driven insights. Create transparency and engagement by putting the worker in control of their own data.


Minimize the number of days lost and improve workforce productivity. Automate safety and training processes.


Ensure digital compliance with Health and Safety policies and procedures. Automate reporting.

Empower employees with the knowledge of their own data.

Sam, the safety bot’s AI learns about every worker to understand their unique risks to deliver safety content, training, operating procedures, and compliance to each individual worker at the right time and in the right context.

Help Safety Managers identify harmful risks at the employee level.

Sam, the safety bot pinpoints harmful risks at the employee level and notifies Safety Managers of these risks to better help them train employees as well as manage safety compliance and ensure consistent communication.  Safety Managers have access to key insights through the app and dashboard.

Easy-to-use software and apps.

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Find out how Sam, the safety bot can strengthen and enhance your safety culture by driving employee engagement and delivering smarter and meaningful insights to every employee in real-time.

Our clients and industry have spoken.

altumAI and Tangram Insurance Services launch new tech-enabled MGA with smarter risk prevention and better loss control.

altumAI and Tangram are establishing a premier MGA: “futureWork Insurance Solutions”. Integrating the altumAI technology with Tangram’s insurance program expertise to create an insurance outcome that improves the insured’s experience, enhances safety culture, and reduces losses and the associated costs.

Launching in October 2021, the futureWork joint venture powered by Tangram with an initial focus on Workers’ Compensation will over time expand into additional lines of insurance.