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futureWork redefines Workers’ Comp, the largest commercial insurance sector in the US, with proprietary tech and data to shift the risk curve and create transformational operational efficiencies.

We promote safety in the workplace

by using machine learning and AI.



Our award-winning software and apps solutions.

From twists and bends to environment and time on the job, every worker has a unique data story that altumAI captures to create a personalized risk score to identify and avoid risk.

Easy to use return-to-work solution to support an organization’s commitment to health and safety. The solution supports and delivers on CDC, FDA, and State guidelines.

Our Clients and Industry have spoken.


The first step in risk avoidance is awareness and understanding of risk.  The platform aggregates and analyzes data that surrounds workers to identify and predict risk. The solutions deliver tailored risk scores and risk assessments to keep workers safe and healthy.  


Once risk is identified and predicted workers must be informed about their specific risk and how they can avoid the risk.  The platform has robust messaging, workflow, and micro-training capabilities for workers, supervisors, and the entire organization.  


With awareness and communication, the entire organization is now actively engaged in taking action to avoid the risk through changed behaviors and activities.  The platform delivers content to enable action and evidence-based feedback on how to avoid risk.